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The first big bottle of poppers (30ml) was sold in 1984. Addressing popular demand, Joe Miller's Pac West Distributing Corp. relented and released Iron Horse—"horse power for leather"—in square 30ml packaging. This set a precedent.

Boxed big bottlePoppers-hungry consumers began to demand other brands in bigger packaging, too, and Pac West, as well as other manufacturers, complied. Nowadays, you can mostly pick either the original "fit in your pocket" small bottle, or the larger "bedside table" 30ml bottle.

All the big bottles we sell come boxed (as shown in the above example).

Go big and save $$$
Big bottles contain three times the amount of liquid (30ml as opposed to 10ml), but certainly do not cost three times more! If you are a regular user or plan on sharing that bottle, it makes a lot of sense to buy the big.

Just as potent, just as fresh
Needles to say, all our big bottle brands come from the same, selected manufacturers that we source our small bottles from. It's the same potent stuff inside, only in bigger packaging.

The quality of packaging can be an issue with poppers, as nitrites may degrade and weaken on contact with air. Rest assured that all our big bottles come with tamper-proof, air-tight seal over the cap. We guarantee they will reach you as fresh as they were the day they were bottled.

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Carefully selected for unsurpassed purity, strength & long-lasting freshness. Here are our big bottle poppers:

Rush Ultra $25.95

Jungle Juice $22.95

Jungle Juice Platinum $27.85

Amsterdam $22.95

Blue Boy $22.95

Rabbit $25.95

Tres Fort $29.85

Jacked $24.45

Brown Bottle $15.95

Manscent $22.95

Jungle Juice Black Label $24.45

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