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All you need to know about the 10ml poppers we sell.

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Small poppers for sale

Small poppers – only the
original, fresh & strong stuff

When you say "poppers", most people will picture the small, 10ml bottle and its distinctive, almost iconic shape.

Rush PoppersEmblazoned with the colours of its brand – red and yellow for Rush, the brand that started it all back in the sixties; grey, white and red for the original Jungle Juice; white, black and red for Tres Fort, the strongest poppers on the market.

Why go small?
Because they are so handy! They will easily slip in (and out) of your pocket, whatever the circumstance: A night out, a casual encounter... Whatever and wherever – that bottle will always be there when you need it.

Absolutely original
We know you demand good, original formulas, in great original packaging – and that's exactly what we deliver. No copycats or off-brands, ever. We only work with selected reputable manufacturers who have earned our trust over the years.

Absolutely fresh
We guarantee all the poppers we sell to be as fresh as the day they were bottled. We demand quality air-tight packaging from all our suppliers (because nitrites can degrade and lose their strength on contact with air), and we turn our stock around quickly.

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We only sell select small bottle poppers of the highest quality:

Rush $9.85

Rush Ultra $14.95

Jungle Juice $12.85

Jungle Juice Platinum $15.95

Amsterdam $12.85

Blue Boy $12.85

Rabbit $14.95

Tres Fort $16.95

Jacked $13.95

Brown Bottle $8.95

Manscent $12.85

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