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All about the the strongest popper brands we sell.

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Strong aromas for sale

Because many of you like
your poppers even stronger
than just strong

Which brands are the strongest? Which will give the most powerful experience? Which will give the longest-lasting effect?

We receive these kinds of questions daily – so we've done the homework so that you don't have to. We picked four brands that we believe to be the most potent stuff available today: Rush Ultra, Tres Fort, Jacked and Jungle Juice Black Label.

Needless to say, all are original formulas from original manufacturers – we never have and never will sell any so-called "new" US or EU formulas, because we know you don't want them. Unlike some of our smaller competitors, we won't try to convince you that isopropyl will do the job – because we know it won't.

To keep it easy, we've lined up all the strong poppers on a dedicated page of our store – so if you need the really heavy-duty formulas, just click & pick here.

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These are the poppers we guarantee to be as strong as it gets. Totally fresh, totally power-packed, and all delivering a long-lasting effect, too:

Rush Ultra $14.95

Tres Fort $16.95

Jacked $13.95

Jungle Juice Black Label $24.45

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